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    News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe

    What is the future for buy-now-pay-later as Klarna makes a loss.
    Workplace hygiene as Coronavirus fears grow. Also why have buy now pay later services like Klarna expanded more than any other online payment system? And as the nitty gritty of the EU trade talks begin...what can we expect? A veteran who's helped broker many a trade deal tells Sean and Mickey what will be going on behind closed doors over the next ten months and beyond.

    Coronavirus - your rights
    If you're impacted by Coronavirus, what rights do you have at work? Also Disney boss Bob Iger, considered to be the most powerful man in Hollywood, has stepped down.

    Global financial markets saw the sharpest falls in years after a rise in coronavirus cases renewed fears about economic slowdown. Danni and Louise take a look at the numbers.

    Money Box
    The latest news from the world of personal finance plus advice for those trying to make the most of their money.

    Discrimination and housing benefit
    Landlords and letting agencies who advertise property with a ban on renting benefits claimants - so-called "No DSS" clauses - risk legal action under anti-discrimination laws. So why do such restrictions persist? What can prospective tenants on benefits do about it? And what legal and financial risks are being run by landlords who display "No DSS" restrictions? Money Box Live takes your calls and hears from Polly Neate, the chief executive of the homelessness and housing advice charity, Shelter. And from John Stewart, policy manager of the Residential Landlords Association. Presenter: Paul Lewis Producers Paul Waters & Jordan Dunbar Email- moneybox@bbc.co.uk Twitter - @moneybox

    Savings - are they drowning not waving?
    A Money Box investigation has found that two of the biggest broadband providers are charging people up to £90 a year to keep their email address if they switch to another supplier. The regulator Ofcom has told Money Box that it has written to the firms and may take further action. Nearly two million savers will miss out on more than £100 million a year income following the announcement this week of cuts to National Savings and Investments interest rates. Is this the end of savings? From April the liability for any underpaid tax shifts from the contractor - IT expert, business consultant or indeed a care worker - to the firm that wants the work done. The result is that many big firms including banks are refusing to take on contractors unless they become employees for the short period they work there. The contractors say that cuts the fees they are paid, increases their costs, and removes their flexibility. Campaigners say contractors are leaving the UK and want the changes to be delayed. Presenter: Paul Lewis Producer: Alex Lewis Editor: Richard Vadon

    MBL: In-game purchases
    Unexpected bills from video games and apps? The online world of video games and apps can be financially treacherous, filled with loot boxes and micro-transactions. They can mean large, unexpected bills through the relatively new phenomenon of in-game purchases. Louise Cooper and guests discuss what your consumer rights are if things go wrong. Guests: Dr Jo Twist, CEO at The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE) Alex Neill, CEO at Resolver David McClelland, technology journalist Producer: Ben Carter Editor: Hugh Levinson

    On The Money
    Declan Curry brings you lively analysis of the big business stories that are making the headlines.