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    News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe

    The homeless entrepreneur
    Sean and Mickey hear from a businessman who got started while sleeping rough, and dissect the Duke of York's finances.

    Manifestos and morals
    Sean Farrington and Mickey Clark discuss a Tory pledge on National Insurance. They also take a look at how moral the UK is and Prince Andrew's latest problems.

    Who gets your vote?
    Danni Hewson and Mickey Clark discuss the leaders' debate. They also delve into fallout from IT chaos at TSB last year and catch up with Aston Martin's boss.

    Money Box
    The latest news from the world of personal finance plus advice for those trying to make the most of their money.

    Money Box Live: Collectables
    From comic books to Dinky Toys, costume jewellery to milk bottles, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to collecting. But where should you buy and how to be sure you’re getting a good price, whether you're buying or selling? Paul Lewis is joined by Roo Irvine from Kilcreggan Antiques shop in Argyle and Bute. She's also an expert on BBC's Antiques Roadtrip and Bargain Hunt. Also on the panel is vintage toy collector, Lawrence Lambert, valuer on BBC TV’s Cash in the Attic. If you'd like to share your stories, contact the Money Box team. The number to call is 03 700 100 444, geographic charges apply. The lines open at 1pm on Wednesday. Or email moneybox@bbc.co.uk or tweet @moneybox

    Starting young to save for retirement
    The UK's banks haven't been able to agree who should pay compensation to customers who have had money fraudulently stolen from their bank accounts. Until last May the banks routinely refused to refund these customers. A new Code promised that all innocent customers would be reimbursed from 28 May but that runs out at the end of next month. We speak to Tom Blomfield boss of Monzo, one of the biggest online-only banks. Can technology be used to make it easier and cheaper for people to borrow money - especially those who use expensive short term credit or have poor credit ratings? That was the starting point for the Affordable Credit Challenge which was launched in July to make loans not only more affordable but also more available to low income households. We find out about the solutions that have made it onto the shortlist. A few weeks ago we were contacted by a listener who had suggested to his daughter and son aged 19 and 18 that they start a pension. But they told him "it was a bonkers idea". But could they be persuaded it was in fact something worth considering? And the joke bank notes that made their way into circulation: who bears the cost when they’re discovered not to be legal tender? Presenter: Paul Lewis Reporter: Dan Whitworth Producer: Alex Lewis Editor: Emma Rippon

    Money Box Live: Leaving School at Sixteen
    What are the career options available for 16 year-olds today and what are the financial implications? Whether it's college, some paid work or getting an apprenticeship, how will your money issues change if you leave school and pursue other choices? Presenter: Adam Shaw Guests: Billy Sexton, All About School Leavers Erin Bartley, Careers adviser with Skills Development Scotland Tom Stenner-Evans, Partner, Michelmores

    On The Money
    Declan Curry brings you lively analysis of the big business stories that are making the headlines.