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    News and views on business and the world of personal finance. Plus the very latest from the financial markets around the globe

    Brexit and beyond
    Sean and Mickey digest the latest deal agreed in Brussels and consider life beyond Brexit. They also speak to businesses in Northern Ireland and a prominent Brexiteer.

    Brexit: mushroom for manoeuvre?
    Sean Farrington and Mickey catch up with some Northern Irish firms, including a fungi farm, about the impact of ongoing Brexit talks.

    Brexit from behind the wheel
    Sean Farrington and Mickey Clark get the hauliers' view on the latest Brexit developments. They also discuss postal strikes, Woodford Fund collapse and costly changes to Meetup.

    Money Box
    The latest news from the world of personal finance plus advice for those trying to make the most of their money.

    How to give yourself a pay rise
    This week the decision was made to wind down the funds managed by ‘star’ manager Neil Woodford. Listeners have been in touch wanting to know what this means for their money and if they will be able to claim compensation. We discuss with Mark Polson from The Lang Cat Financial Consultancy and Anna Sofat from Addidi Wealth. The Financial Conduct Authority has announced plans to ban the way in which some car retailers receive commission based on the interest rate of the car finance loan they arrange. Good news for consumers? And we speak to a company that allows employees to award themselves a pay increase. Presenter: Ruth Alexander Producer: Alex Lewis Editor: Emma Rippon

    Credit scores
    Do you know what your credit score says about you? If you’ve had a breakup, make up, break down, spending spree or life shock in the last six years, your credit rating will have it recorded. The majority of us don’t know what our credit score is and how these numbers are created. A good credit rating helps us access loans, mortgages or credit cards. But could there be a better way of helping people access credit and see what they can really afford to borrow? Our panel of experts will help you find out what your score says about you, how to get a better one and why workouts are required before you hit the bank not just the beach. Contact the Money Box team to tell your stories and ask questions. The number to call is 03 700 100 444, geographic charges apply. The lines open at 1pm on Wednesday (9/10/19). Email moneybox@bbc.co.uk or tweet @moneybox

    'Herders' and 'olders'
    In this programme we go undercover into the world of the mule, discovering how children as young as 13 are being groomed to hand over their bank account details to criminals. We reveal that some of the recruiters, known as herders, are also teenagers. The accounts are then used to launder the proceeds of crime. Latest figures show that the number of accounts belonging to under 21's being used by money mules has doubled since 2016. Money mules and herders face a 14 year prison sentence if caught. Presenter: Paul Lewis Producers: Tom Wright and Alex Lewis Editor: Emma Rippon

    On The Money
    Declan Curry brings you lively analysis of the big business stories that are making the headlines.